Hello! Hello, I am Soumick. I’m an innovative, goal oriented person, for whom quality and commitment are of paramount importance, who admires Bill Gates & Michael Jackson the most. I possess a wide array of technical skills starting from application development to embedded systems, from cloud platforms to cryptography. I have more than 5 years of experience in Tech Entrepreneurship, software architecture and development in .NET, Java and other platforms. I love developing new things which help others. My research interests include Security, Machine Intelligence, IOT etc. If I am not doing research, I am listening to music - whether western classics or pop or hip-hop. I;m passionate about cooking and photography.

I care for various causes, such as, racial profiling, color discrimination, gender inequality, climate change etc. I love meeting new people and helping them if I can. If not helping, then at least listening to their problems - as sharing is caring.

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Supernova Techlink

Co-Founder, Chief Software Architect

  • Started just by selling a complete software solution to a hospital, Supernova Techlink is now engaged in developing various software solutions for hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants and much more. Also provides Web Designing, Web Hosting & related services.
  • Supernova Techlink has more than 5,500 facebook followers and has many clients both national and international
  • Developing applications in platforms like .NET, Java, Xamarin, Android etc.


Discovering something new, and specially if it tries to solve a problem, is my passion. St. Xavier's College, Kolkata motivated me do pursue my dreams. My wide array of research interest includes: Cryptography, Steganography, Embedded Systems, GPU Programming etc.

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Journal Publications

Hash and salt based steganographic approach with modified LSB encoding

International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol. 4, Issue 5, May 2016

Pramod George Jose, Soumick Chatterjee, Mayank Patodia, Sneha Kabra, Dr. Asoke Nath

In today’s world, secure communication is a major concern. Classical cryptography does not conceal the existence of a hidden message; it merely scrambles the message. Steganography aims to obscure the very existence of any hidden message by hiding the message or file within a cover medium, known as a steganogram, that can be text, image, audio, video etc. Steganography is a very important research area and many algorithms have already been developed. In the present study, the authors propose a modified approach to one of the most popular types of steganography – LSB Encoding, as the traditional approach is quite predictable.

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Auto-Explore the Web – Web Crawler

International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol. 5, Issue 4, April 2017

Soumick Chatterjee, Dr. Asoke Nath

World Wide Web is an ever-growing public library with hundreds of millions of books without any central management system. Finding a piece of information without a proper directory is like finding a middle in a haystack. Various search engines solve this problem by indexing an amount of the complete content that is available in the internet. For accomplishing this job, search engines use an automated program, known as a web crawler. The most vital job of the web is information retrieval, that too with proper efficiency. Web Crawler helps to accomplish that, by helping search indexing or by helping in making archives. Web Crawler automatically visits all the available links which is further indexed. But, usage of web crawler is not limited to only search engines, but they can also be used for web scrapping, spam filtering, identifying unauthorized use of copyrighted content, identifying illegal and harmful web activities etc. Web Crawler faces various challenges while crawling deep web content, multimedia content etc. Various crawling techniques and various web crawlers are available and discussed in this paper.

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Duplicate File Analyzer using N-layer Hash and Hash Table

International Research Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 4, Issue 6, June 2017

Siladitya Mukherjee, Pramod George Jose, Soumick Chatterjee, Priyanka Basak

With the advancement in data storage technology, the cost per gigabyte has reduced significantly, causing users to negligently store redundant files on their system. These may be created while taking manual backups or by improperly written programs. Often, files with the exact content have different file names; and files with different content may have the same name. Hence, devising an algorithm to identify redundant files based on their file name and/or size is not enough. In this paper, the authors have proposed a novel approach where the N-layer hash of all the files are individually calculated and stored in a hash table data structure. If an N-layer hash of a file matches with a hash that already exists in the hash table, that file is marked as a duplicate, which can be deleted or moved to a specific location as per the user's choice. The use of the hash table data structure helps achieve O(n) time complexity and the use of N-layer hashes improve the accuracy of identifying redundant files. This approach can be used for folder specific, drive specific or a system wide scan as required.

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Conference Presentations

Microcontroller based automated life savior - Medisûr

International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Oct 2016

Soumick Chatterjee, Pramod George Jose, Priyanka Basak, Ambreen Athar, Bindhya Aravind, Romit S. Beed, Rana Biswas

This research work is a Microcontroller based smart device, which can help monitor health conditions of patients as well as for senior citizens. With the course of progress in the field of medicine, most of the patients’ lives can be saved. Only thing required is the proper attention in proper time. Our wearable solution tries to solve this issue by taking the patients vitals and transmitting them to the server for live monitoring using mobile app along with patient’s current location. In case of an emergency, that is if any vitals show any abnormalities, a SMS is sent to the caregiver of the patient with the patient’s location so that he can reach there on time.

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M.Sc. (CS) Major Project

Text Classification using SVM enhanced by Multithreading and CUDA

Under the guidance of: Prof. Debabrata Datta, Presented: May 2017

Soumick Chatterjee, Pramod George Jose, Indrani Chakraborty

This research work proposes a novel approach to classify text documents into N-different classes using Machine Learning, improved accuracy using custom pre-processing. The speed of the algorithm was enhanced using Multithreading and GPU Parallelism. Custom datasets from LibGen and Twitter Live Stream were also created for testing this algorithm.

Current Research

  • Multiple QR Code based Steganography
  • DNA Cryptography & Steganography
  • Intelligent Web Crawler



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